Kortteli, Kamppi

  • Kampin Kauppakeskus 5 krs, Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, Helsinki
  • kamppi@latorre.fi
  • 09 42893671
  • Mon-Fri 7:30-21
  • Sat 10-21
  • Sun 10-18


La Torrefazione in Kampin Kortteli is spacious and urban, our latest addition to the Torre family. You are now able to enjoy a great cup of coffee made by the most passionate baristas in town, high above the roof tops right in the city center. During the weekdays we offer our breakfast plates as well as a weekly changing lunch menu. We also serve sandwiches, salads, smoothies and shakes. On the weekends it's time to brunch, grab your friends and join us in the feast.


14-18.1.2019 (11.00-14.30)
ve=vegan, m=dairy free, l=lactose free, ll=low lactose, g=gluten free

Apple bacon salad (l, g)

Bacon, fennel, walnuts, apples, sweet potatoes and lemon vinaigrette


Tofu soba noodles salad (l)

Marinated tofu, soba noodles, broccoli, kale, carrots, coriander, orange vinaigrette and sesame seeds


Pasta (l)

Creamy cauliflower pasta Roasted cauliflower, green peas, spring onions, parsley, breadcrumbs and parmesan


Risotto of the day


Chef’s recommendation (l, g)

Asian style chicken leg confit Marinated roasted chicken with asian spices with sauteed green vegetables in garlic butter top with fried onion and chili



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Brunch is served on Satudays (10-13.00) and Sundays (10-14.00).

Brioche & pork terrine (L)

Gruyere, bearnaise foam, pancetta and oven tomato


Eggs Florentine (L)

Smoked salmon, spinach, poached egg, hollandaise, toasted bread


Croque Madame (L)

Gruyere, smoked ham, bechamel, cloud egg & toast


Omelet (G)

Chorizo-tomato-mozzarella or mushroom-spinach


Portobello & beetroot hummus (VE)

Kale, quinoa, avocado, oven tomato


Brunch includes our starter and dessert buffet, a dish from the brunch menu, coffee or tea of your choice and juice. All options are available as glutenfree upon request.

ve=vegan, d=dairyfree, l=lactose free, ll=low lactose, g=glutenfree


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Breakfast is served on weekdays, Mon-Fri between 7.30-10.00

The Barista (L)

Quark with Torre's granola and honey, wholegrain roll, boiled egg, cotto ham, gouda cheese and vegetables


LaTorre (LL)

Banana-berry-overnight oats, warm cheese-ham-croissant, green salad


Bagel (L)

Cold smoked salmon, dill-cream cheese, marinated red onions, avocado and chia pudding


Omelette (G)

Omelette (chorizo-cheese-tomato or cheese-spinach-mushroom), green salad


Bowl & Bagel (VE)

Smoothie bowl (muesli, berries, banana), bagel, avocado, marinated red onion and fennel, cherry tomato, red pesto


All breakfasts include a coffee of choice and juice.

Ordering Take Away

  1. Choose from the menu, call 09 42893671 and place your order.
  2. Tell us at what time you are coming to pick up your food, at least 15 mins in advance. If you are ordering more than 4 portions, make your order at least 30 mins in advance.
  3. Your order will be waiting for you at the counter. You can pay with cash, lounasseteli or card


If your Company continuousely orders lunch, salads or sandwhiches it is possible to set up a billing agreement. If you want to hear more, e-mail us at kamppi@latorre.fi