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Fratello is the hipster brother of our La Torrefazione family. Being situated next to the University of Helsinki makes Fratello ideal for study breaks and brainstorming. Fratello takes coffee to the next level, using alternative brewing methods, like siphons, in the preparing process. Fratello's popular lunch is served on weekdays but during the weekends, Fratello turns into a laid back coffee shop, serving our customers lighter meals and divine coffees. And there is always gelato!


17.-21.9.2018 (10.30am to 2pm)
ve=vegan, d=dairyfree, l=lactose free, ll=low lactose, g=glutenfree

Salad (VE, G)

Roasted pulled peas, marinated chick peas, apple, walnuts, spinach, marinated red onion and rocket oil


Pasta (L, VE without bacon and parmesan)

Creamy champignon sauce, bacon, grilled tomatoes spiced with chervil and parmesan


Risotto (G, VL)

Marinated shrimps, cauliflower puree, roasted leek, sweet pepper oil and pea sprouts


Guest Star (L)

Chicken, red curry, coconut cream, coriander, chili, naan bread and mint yoghurt


Chef’s recommendation (L, G)

Overripe beef breast, roasted fennel, mashed potato in cream and beetroot



Weekdays 7.30-10.30

1+1+1 Breakfast

Pick 3 foods/drinks/coffees of choice from a variety of sandwiches, croisants, juices and yogurt. Stay in and enjoy your morning at our's or have it as an quick and easy brekkie on the go.


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Ordering Take Away

  1. Choose from the menu, call +358 9428 91887 and place your order.
  2. Tell us at what time you are coming to pick up your food, at least 15 mins in advance. If you are ordering more than 4 portions, make your order at least 30 mins in advance.
  3. Your order will be waiting for you at the counter. You can pay with cash, lounasseteli or card


If your Company continuousely orders lunch, salads or sandwhiches it is possible to set up a billing agreement. If you want to hear more, e-mail us at