La Torrefazione is a third wave coffee shop chain; by knowing our supply chain we can guarantee the quality and taste of our coffees. All of our baristas have a barista exam, meaning that they both know how to make coffee as well as the story behind each of our coffees. To us, a great cup of coffee is a piece of art and all the steps on the beans way to the cup are important to ensure the perfect coffee experience.

When selecting our coffees we work together with our friends from Kaffa Roastery. Together we travel the world to look for the most interesting coffees out there to bring back home for our customers to try. Besides the quality of the bean we pay a lot of attention to how the coffee is produced and we always aim to buy our beans straight from the farmer. New coffees are selected a few times a year to make sure we use fresh beans only. The La Torrefazione brand coffees can only be found at our cafes.


Pacha mama is a fertility goddess in Inka mythology who presides over planting and harvesting. The indigenous inhabitants of Riosucio believe that their duty is to protect the nature enviroment and minimise the impact from their farming coffee. Tones of cherry and pecan, a complex acidity and a chocolatey finish will complete this sustainable experience.

Hard Core Espresso

This long awaited blend meets our coffee quality standarts

- Minimum fairtrade price +20%

- SCAA rating 80+ points

- Direct and Transparenting sourcing Now close yours eyes and this hard core adventure will take you beyound wildest flavoured dreams.

Kaffa Roastery

La Torrefazione works closely with Kaffa Roastery. The Hampf brothers decided back in 2009 that Svante would focus on his newly founded roastery, Kaffa, while Jens would focus on the La Torrefazione coffee shops. Eventhough blood is thicker than coffee, some things are better to keep separate since roasteries and coffee shops require very different sets of knowledge and skill. This way both companies have been able to focus on their core functions while learing together along the way. The co-operation between Kaffa and La Torrefazione is daily; we buy coffee, create roasting profiles and organize workshops and Barista courses for the employees together.